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Hells Satans is not a Super Power on the Realm, we are just a group of players who have been playing together from anywhere between 1 - 5 years.  We have experienced raiders, new raiders, love PvP, and are rebuilding a core 10 man raiding group.

We are a mature guild and prefer to stay that way, it keeps the drama in trade chat. 

So you want to know how to be invited to Hells Satans: Send 1000000000000 gold to:  Just Kidding.

We are NOT a PG-13 Guild, members are working class players who enjoy the game but real life does come first! Looking for like minded players, who are willing to raid a core 10 man, which means you'll have to learn fights, research your role.

So if interested, You must be 21+ (or tell us why, you should be here), understand we are mostly casual raiders looking at weekend raid times TBD... It's not about what we can do for you, ask yourself what can you bring to Hells Satans to make us a better Guild.  And yes we have all those basic things: vent, bank, tabard (like you need one more tabard...) How do you apply?  Find an officer in game and talk to them, that simple. We'll look you up see what you've done or not done and go from there.
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Fight info!

Favikza, Feb 1, 11 4:19 PM.

PTR 4.06 Patch Notes...............

Favikza, Feb 1, 11 3:44 PM.   Check'em out...I'm guessing Brottie will be on his X-Box more..............
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Dunemaul (PvP)
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